Career Planning Tips

How successful you will be in your career is heavily influenced by how well you balance your short-term and long-term goals. Career success is almost guaranteed if you get the correct balance. Planning your career is the best way of ensuring success,and it should be a lifelong process. You also need to conduct regular checkups to see if you are on the right track. This is especially important since it has been established that many people change jobs or careers several times in their lifetimes. Career planning is a beneficial exercise and it should be a positive and rewarding experience. It provides the goals to be achieved in your current career or lays the foundation for transitioning to a new career. Therefore,it is never too late for you to embark on career planning. Here are several career planning tips that will assist you to get started:

Plan Career

Regular reviews of  フィリピン留学

It is generally agreed that one of the best ways of ensuring good health is to get regular medical checkups. In the same vein, your career planning also requires regular checkups and reviews. Set aside one day every year where you think and focus on how your life and career is progressing. In this way, you will keep track of the direction your career is taking and also preempt any potential derailments.

Progress analysis

One of the first tasks when you are planning your career is taking time to review and reflect on the path you have taken since the last time you made your plan. Assess your career path and see what you could have done differently. However do not dwell too much on the past-what is important is to learn from it. The next step is reflecting and planning the steps you need to take.

Motivation and interests

You work best when you enjoy what you do. Find out what your interests and passions are, and how they suit your lifestyle. The best job is one that includes what you naturally excel in and at the same time challenges you. Think about your likes and dislikes and also your hobbies and dreams. You can make a list with two columns containing your likes and dislikes. Sum them up and measure this against your present career or job. Knowing who you are and what you like is instrumental when forging a successful career path.


When you establish your motivation and interests, you then need to match the skills you have to the career path you have chosen. Determine which attributes you require to succeed and then consider taking part in a bit of training to enhance your skills.


The speed at which you will fulfill your dreams can be affected by market conditions. While it is vital to have self-drive, you also require a healthy dose of realism. You will need to remain open-minded and flexible and also remember that a bit of perseverance is essential for success.

Past accomplishments

You need to take note of your past accomplishments. This will help you when you write your resume. In addition, keeping track and reflecting on your past accomplishments may assist you to discover forgotten success which can trigger a change in career or job. This may enable you to achieve even more fulfilling success.

Clear vision

Having a clear vision means you will have a detailed insight into what your dream career or job is and the requirements for success. If for example you wish to break into a new industry, you can get some sort of work experience or apply for internship. Having a short-term contract is a useful way of assessing whether or not you will enjoy that kind of work. A clear vision helps you to determine how your career progresses and the best way of meeting your goals and attaining career fulfillment.

Talk to people

Organize personal meetings or telephone conversations with individuals who are in careers that excite you. Discuss with them about the nature of their work. This will give you valuable information which will be useful in choosing the direction of your career.