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Customers use the Internet to find the products & services you provide.

Don't get left behind - follow them online with our advertising solutions.

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Introducing Diadem

Who are we?
We are a Belfast-based Internet advertising agency
What do we do?
We help clients use the Internet to achieve their business goals
Who are our clients?
Sole traders, businesses and charities in the UK and Ireland
What's our approach?
Personal, pragmatic and affordable service.

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Most small businesses don't exploit the potential of Internet advertising. So, it's the perfect opportunity to leave your competitors behind.

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Can Diadem help you?

Read how we helped a self-employed heating engineer to win new customers.

We're too small. We don't have the skills or budget.

It's a common problem and it can be fixed. Read: Why do so many websites fail?

We invested in a website but it brings in very little business.

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We don't want to get left behind but where do we start?

Imagine being able to ...

  • Advertise to customers at the exact moment when they are searching for the products & services you sell
  • Match your advertising message to the very words the customer is using to describe what they want
  • Pay for your advertising only when a customer responds
  • Launch an promotional campaign within hours

What might such opportunities do for your business?

These are some of the features of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is a proven means of generating quality sales leads.